They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To: A Look at Old Commercials and Outdated Technology

The Missouri History Museum has the largest regional media archive in the country. According to Klara Foeller, curator of Moving Image and Sound at the Museum, one of the collections we are currently preparing to digitize is the Epsilon Dalzell Premier (Premier Studios) collection. The bulk of the collection is composed of television commercials for St. Louis companies such as Purina, Anheuser-Busch, Monarch Knapp, and Brown Shoe. These commercials were broadcast to a regional audience, including those in Missouri, Georgia, Nebraska, Arkansas, and Ohio. One of the commercials is featured below. It was produced in 1967 to promote the Knapp Monarch Ready Oven, a precursor to the microwave. Knapp Monarch also made such products as Chefster, Redi-Baker, and Magic Mist. For more videos from our collection, visit our YouTube channel.



—Keri McBride, Editor