What Waits Along Route 66

20, September 2016

In November 2016 the Missouri History Museum will release a feature-length documentary titled Show Me 66: Main Street Through Missouri. Equal parts travelogue and historical narrative, the film will explore the sights and landscapes found along Route 66. It will also examine the bigger stories from across the decades, including the road's birth in Springfield, the effects of World War II, the road's relationship to the Ozarks and St. Louis, its replacement by the interstates, and the rediscovery still taking place today.

Directors Andrew Wanko and Eric Wilkinson have traveled to the farthest stretches of Route 66 in Missouri, capturing both the well-known sights and the best-kept secrets. Click through the gallery below for glimpses of what awaits you along Missouri’s roadside.

What Waits Along Route 66

—Andrew Wanko, Public Historian

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