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30, January 2015

Field Trip Fridays: Busch Stadium

Our blockbuster exhibit 250 in 250 is closing in just two weeks. So for our last Field Trip Friday post, I’m sending you to a place with ties to multiple subjects in the exhibit: Busch Stadium. It’s an eight-for-the-price-of-one deal!

Left: Twilight game at Busch Stadium. Photograph by Ralph D'Oench, 1966. Missouri History Museum.

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26, September 2014

Field Trip Fridays: Pilot Knob, Missouri

In an attempt to turn the tide of the Civil War, Confederate general Sterling Price planned an invasion of Missouri that took place in September and October of 1864. His primary objective was to capture St. Louis and its stores of arms, equipment, and goods, but Price’s superiors believed it might also divert Union troops from the war’s eastern theater, thereby reducing some of the unremitting pressure the Confederate armies there had been under. Read more »

8, August 2014

Field Trip Fridays: Missouri Botanical Garden

This week’s Field Trip destination is the Missouri Botanical Garden. Henry Shaw, one of our 50 People in the 250 in 250 exhibit, established the garden in 1859.

Left: View looking across the Missouri Botanical Garden toward the Conservatory (1868–1916). Photograph, ca. 1906. Missouri History Museum. Read more »

4, July 2014

Field Trip Fridays: Fair Saint Louis

On Field Trip Fridays, an occasional series, we’ll suggest places to visit that have some connection to the exhibit 250 in 250. They can relate to any of the 50 People, 50 Places, 50 Moments, 50 Images, or 50 Objects in the show. Read more »

19, June 2014

250 in 250: Miles Davis in American Culture

If you've been to the Missouri History Museum's 250 in 250 exhibit, you've seen the section on 50 people with a St. Louis connection. Within that section is a panel for a 51st person significant in St. Louis (and often beyond). The 51st person is voted on by the public and changes each month. In June, we are focusing the spotlight on legendary jazz musician Miles Davis. Read more »

13, June 2014

Field Trip Fridays: Katherine Dunham Dynamic Museum

On Field Trip Fridays we’ll suggest St. Louis–area places to visit that have some connection to the exhibit 250 in 250. They can relate to any of the 50 People, 50 Places, 50 Images, 50 Moments, or 50 Objects in the show.

Today I encourage you to head to the Katherine Dunham Dynamic Museum in East St. Louis, Illinois.

Left: Katherine Dunham Dynamic Museum. Photograph, 1976. Katherine Dunham Collection, Missouri History Museum. Read more »

15, May 2014

Time in a Bottle: A 250 in 250 Object

While I feel like it changes every other day, my current favorite artifact in 250 in 250 is the “saloon in a bottle.” Carl Worner, its creator, had to be an interesting character. He would ramble from bar to bar, calling for a large bottle, cigar boxes, scrap wood, a hatpin, and glue. From those he would produce a vibrant miniature scene in a bottle, in exchange for food and drink at the bar. His creations are wonderful bits of folk art. One of my favorite things about this particular saloon in a bottle is that he misspelled “whisky” with two H’s on the barrel. Read more »

30, April 2014

Park Yourself at the Fair

Open ye gates! Swing wide ye portals! Provide respite ye benches!

Ok, maybe Louisiana Purchase Exposition president David R. Francis didn’t say that last part when he officially opened the St. Louis World’s Fair 110 years ago today. But those benches were pretty important to the daily throngs of pedestrians and their aching feet. After all, the fairgrounds covered 1,240 acres of Forest Park and surrounding areas. Read more »

1, April 2014

Taking a Long Look at 250 in 250

The city of St. Louis is in the midst of celebrating its 250th birthday, and the Missouri History Museum is at the forefront of the festivities. In just six short weeks since opening its 250 in 250 exhibit, the Museum has seen nearly 60,000 visitors. That's approximately 1,000 visitors each day coming to enjoy the exhibit and the Museum's programming! Read more »

28, March 2014

Five Women Who Are Remembered in 250 in 250

We are nearing the end of Women’s History Month, and a number of famous women—ranging from Susan B. Anthony to Sojourner Truth—have been celebrated. St. Louis has also been home to amazing women who have fought for their rights and have made a mark in local and national history. Many of their stories can be found in 250 in 250, our exhibit commemorating the 250th anniversary of the city through the stories of 50 people, 50 places, 50 images, 50 moments, and 50 objects. Read more »