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7, June 2013

A Snapshot of the 50 Images Section for 250 in 250

When I joined the 250 in 250 exhibit team, I was fairly certain that as the staff person responsible for our Photograph and Print collection, I’d be heavily involved in the selection of the 50 Images.  Assuming we were just going to feature our 50 most awesome pictures, I also thought it was going to be pretty easy. Those of us that work directly with the collections all have our favorites, and I figured choosing 50 cool photos would probably take me about 30 minutes. Fifty images—done! Read more »

21, May 2013

Where Does History Begin?

The process of choosing a group of 50 artifacts for our 250 in 250 exhibit is as challenging as the process has been for the selection of 50 people. With an enormous collection of artifacts to cull from, the History Museum’s curators considered artifacts that have rarely or never been shown, hoping to balance them against collection icons visitors expect to see. Though we curators want to include the reassuring touchstones of our history, sometimes provoking new insight through unexpected objects is exciting and informative for everyone involved. Read more »

19, April 2013

Honoring the Oldest Library West of the Mississippi

This week is National Library Week, and that got us thinking about an incredible St. Louis institution that is going to be part of our 250 in 250 exhibition. Before there was a Fox, a Peabody, or a St. Louis Speakers Series; before there was a Chess Hall of Fame; and before there was a Missouri Historical Society, Read more »

12, April 2013

And the Winner Is...Artifact Madness Champion Revealed

And you thought that the Louisville-Michigan game was exciting.

When it comes to thrilling tournaments, we believe our Artifact Madness competition topped all others. And now the time has come to announce the winner. Read more »

4, April 2013

An Exhibit Takes Shape: Final Decisions for 250 in 250

We are nearing the point where we need to have all of our selections for each of the 250 in 250 exhibit sections finalized. That means agreeing on the 50 people, 50 places, 50 moments, 50 images, and 50 objects that will be featured in the exhibit. Read more »

26, March 2013

Conserving History in Preparation for Tomorrow

We have spent a lot of time over the last few weeks debating who and what should be featured in the 250 in 250 exhibit. When it comes to which artifacts we will feature, however, there’s a lot more to the process than just choosing what we would like to show.

Our conservation department must make sure that our artifacts are ready for display and that they can be shown in such a way that won’t cause any damage to them. Read more »

1, March 2013

Making the Cut: How to Choose Who Stays in the Exhibit

St. Louis turns 250 years old in 2014, and the Missouri History Museum will commemorate the anniversary with an exhibit that tells the history of the city through 50 people, 50 places, 50 moments, 50 images, and 50 objects. History Happens Here is taking its readers behind the scenes of the making of the 250 in 250 exhibit, which will open in February 2014

  Read more »

18, February 2013

Pondering the Role of Place in History

Walking through Tower Grove Park, you can feel the presence of Henry Shaw. The pavilions, the statues, and even the landscaping remain much as he envisioned them more than 140 years ago. It’s possible—even in the middle of festivals or kickball games that Shaw probably couldn’t have imagined—to be transported back in time thanks to the physical reminders of the past that still define the park. But what happens when historic places are erased from the physical landscape? Read more »

5, February 2013

What's in a Logo?

For almost every exhibit we create at the Missouri History Museum, we also produce a logo and graphic identity. The logo is typically used in the exhibit, as well as in its promotion. Much like an exhibit, the accompanying logos are trying to tell a story—only in a more concise way. We recently sat down with graphic designer Amy Berkbigler to discuss how she creates logos for Museum exhibits, in particular how she conceptualized the graphic identity for 250 in 250. Read more »

29, January 2013

The Power of Objects

When my daughters visited Springfield, Illinois, a couple of years ago there was one object that brought Lincoln to life for them. The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum is filled with Hollywood-quality films and media elements, but it was a simple top hat under glass that most fascinated the girls. And it was the two worn fingerprints caused from Lincoln repeatedly doffing the hat that seemed to transport them back in time. Read more »