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6, March 2017

Eye on Exhibits: From Headline to Exhibit

The process for creating the kinds of exhibits we do at the Missouri History Museum is a long one. So many decisions have to be made over the course of their development that by the time we finally open, I don’t often recall the moment that we began. But I clearly remember the day we decided to create #1 in Civil Rights: The African American Freedom Struggle in St. Louis. Read more »

23, February 2017

Where Teens, Leadership, & Team Building Meet

Earlier this year we welcomed students from 17 area high schools to spend eight weeks exploring museum work with us in our Teens Make History Academy. So far the teens have met with and learned from a curator, marketers, a conservator, librarians, archivists, and members of our education department. Each week they’ve taken what they’ve learned and put it to the test via museum challenges, small-scale projects that exemplify what museum professionals do every day. Read more »

13, December 2016

What I Learned Thanks to Show Me 66

After a year of researching, conducting interviews, collecting archival footage, and taking nearly a dozen road trips, the Missouri History Museum released its first feature-length documentary, Show Me 66: Main Street Through Missouri. The film is a wide-angle look at the Missouri people, places, moments, and events that helped make Route 66 the most famous highway in the world—no small task when dealing with 90 years of history and 300 miles of road. Read more »

20, September 2016

What Waits Along Route 66

In November 2016 the Missouri History Museum will release a feature-length documentary titled Show Me 66: Main Street Through Missouri. Equal parts travelogue and historical narrative, the film will explore the sights and landscapes found along Route 66. Read more »

5, August 2016

How'd You Get Those in There?

When you visit an exhibit, do you ever stop to wonder how that exhibit came to fruition and who all worked to get it out on the floor for you to enjoy? As the exhibits registrar for the Missouri History Museum, I can assure you that our latest exhibit, Route 66: Main Street Through St. Louis, required a strong and dedicated team effort to get it in place and ready for its debut. Read more »

5, July 2016

Eye on Exhibits: I Hated It

“I hated that exhibit. It gave such an ugly view of our city. I hate for people from out of town to see it.”

“We didn’t really care for that one. It was just a lot of stuff on the walls to read.” Read more »

29, April 2016

Eye on Exhibits: Right Now

Right now is a great time to come to the Missouri History Museum, not just because you can see great exhibits and programs, but because now is a time when you can see first-hand much of the philosophy that drives our approach to sharing history. Read more »

1, April 2016

All Dressed Up with Someplace to Go

When Little Black Dress: From Mourning to Night opens to the public on April 2, it will feature more than 60 dresses from the collections of the Missouri Historical Society, ranging from mid-19th-century mourning wear to sleek designs from the current day’s top designers. Each of these garments tells a fascinating story, from societal expectations for women to the evolution of the color black from sadness symbol to fashion staple. Read more »

15, March 2016

Eye on Exhibits: History Comes in Many Styles

“Why is this history?”

We expect to hear different versions of that question over the next few months after we open our latest exhibit. Read more »

9, February 2016

Eye on Exhibits: We Aim to Disappoint

We’ve been hearing a lot of complaints from our visitors lately, and quite frankly, we couldn’t be happier. I assure you we aren’t usually happy when we hear about disappointed visitors, but in this case we think it’s a good sign. Let me explain. Read more »