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23, January 2017

6 Writing Wonders—Or Not

In today's texting-obsessed world, some would argue that our collective handwriting skills are tanking and that penmanship is destined to become a lost art. Au contraire! Although past St. Louisans would surely be baffled by a QWERTY keyboard, we're betting they'd praise the efforts of educators learning how to teach children cursive in response to updated Missouri learning standards. Read more »

12, January 2017

8 Male Hipsters of Missouri History

When one thinks of hipster guys, ironic facial hair and glasses spring to mind. But these eight images prove that people have been thumbing their noses at convention since “diesel” meant only one thing—and it's not a trucker hat. By all means, mimic the boy showing off his talented stilt-walking skills, or dress like the man roller-skating down the street.

1. Beer Me

This is one classy happy hour—now pick those bottles up off the floor, already! Read more »

11, January 2017

8 Female Hipsters of Missouri History

Though hipster is a modern term, independent, out-of-the-box thinkers have been defying norms for ages, and that’s especially true of women. Might they be the original hipsters? These ladies—dressing how they want, working where they want—make a pretty solid argument for yes.

1. Ladies Who Work

Break time or quittin' time for these ladies? Many women felt liberated and empowered by working in factories to help the war effort and provide for their children. Read more »

17, December 2016

4 Former STL Sports Teams

The St. Louis Rams weren’t the first team to leave our beloved city behind. Throughout St. Louis’s history, professional teams have departed, folded, or been traded away. Here are four of them. Read more »

1, October 2016

5 Tragic Turns in St. Louis History—Part 2

Like any community, the St. Louis region has had its share of heartache over the years. Here's a look at some of the tragic moments in St. Louis history from the end of the 19th century to the end of the 20th century. Read more »

17, September 2016

5 Tragic Turns in St. Louis History—Part 1

Like any community, the St. Louis region has had its share of heartache over the years. Here's a look at some of the tragic moments in St. Louis history from the frontier days through the Civil War period. Read more »

21, July 2016

It's Not the Heat, It's the Humidity!

Can you imagine surviving a St. Louis summer without air conditioning? Well, now you don’t have to. Here's a look at the six main ways St. Louisans cooled off before the invention of A/C.

1. Fan yo’self

Fans helped move the muggy air, and several styles graced St. Louis homes over the years. Read more »

14, June 2016

4 Boss Suffragettes of Missouri History

Welcome to the Suffragette Edition of our look at the boss women of Missouri history. We’re recognizing these four women today in honor of the centennial of the Golden Lane, when nearly 2,000 suffragettes donned yellow sashes, busted out their yellow parasols, and lined St. Louis's Locust Street for miles. This visible call for women’s voting rights occurred during the 1916 Democratic Convention. Read more »

6, May 2016

5 Boss Moms of Missouri History

Missouri history boasts several boss women—women who were confident, intelligent, and could hold their own. In honor of Mother's Day, we're kicking off our recognition of the boss women of Missouri history by highlighting five boss moms. Here's to all you mothers out there—you're in excellent company!   Read more »

24, March 2016

8 Movies Set or Filmed in St. Louis—Part 2

We're at it again! St. Louis is and has been home to mountains of movie magic. How well do you know STL's cinematic history?

1. The Hoodlum Priest (1961)

Don Murray, Larry Gates, Cindi Wood, Irvin Kershner (Director) Read more »