21, December 2015

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About STL Coffee History

Everyone in St. Louis has their favorite quiet corner coffee shop for a quick cup of joe, but did you know the River City has been a coffee leader for nearly 200 years? From espresso to Safari and Old Judge, STL has a rich, highly caffeinated history! Scroll through the list below to test your #STLcoffee knowledge. Read more »

16, December 2015

10 Movies Set or Filmed in St. Louis

St. Louis is and has been home to mountains of movie magic! How well do you know STL's cinematic history?

1. Escape from New York (1981)

Kurt Russell, Lee Van Cleef, Ernest Borgnine, John Carpenter (Director) Read more »

10, December 2015

Who Killed That Dirty Little Coward?

Do YOU know the name of the man who killed the man who killed Jesse James? Sure, we all know Jesse. And many of us know Bob Ford, the “dirty little coward” who shot Jesse in the back. But it was a Missourian named Ed O’Kelley who took the law into his own hands and shot Bob Ford in a saloon in Colorado.

Want to hear more? Come see author Joe Johnston talk about this story—and other vigilante stories—tonight at the St. Louis County Library headquarters on Lindbergh at 7 p.m. Joe will sing a few vigilante songs, sign your books, and introduce you to some other Missouri vigilantes. Read more »

9, December 2015

It Ends Here: Missouri's Last Vigilante

Bob Ford is known to many people as the man who killed the outlaw Jesse James. But few know the burden Ford carried after that fateful day, and how he came to his end. My latest book, It Ends Here: Missouri’s Last Vigilante, which has just been released by Missouri History Museum Press, details the saga of Edward O’Kelley, a fellow Missourian, who took Ford’s life, and later faced death at the hands of a lawman. Read more »

1, December 2015

Humans of MHM | B.J. Vogt, Exhibitions Preparator

This month we're starting a new series of posts highlighting some of the incredible individuals who make up our team here at the Missouri History Museum.

We're starting with someone who plays an essential role in making sure all of the exhibitions we present look and function their best—our Exhibitions Preparator, B. J. Vogt. In this role, B. J. Read more »