19, April 2017

Curator Faves: Clothing Edition

The Missouri History Museum has a wonderful clothing and textile collection, and I've had the honor of being responsible for it for almost 17 years. Because the collection is made of up more than 18,000 pieces, it’s hard to know every single thing within it, but by working on exhibits, writing articles, giving tours, and meeting with researchers, I learn more every day. To me the collection is like a treasure trove of two of my favorite things: history and fashion. I find something I’ve never seen before almost every time I go into storage, which keeps my job interesting. Read more »

20, July 2012

Archaeological Dig Is Revealing

Archaeologists in Austria have discovered four linen bras that are 600 years old. This is an important find because until now it was believed that women did not wear bras until after the age of the corset. A bra was first patented in the United States in 1914.

The medieval bra is remarkably feminine and pretty, with lace details that suggest it was used for more than support. Corsets did not usually feature aesthetic details, so it’s curious that these old bras did. Read more »