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3, March 2017

The Highs and Lows of Gov. James Wilkinson

Occasionally there are figures who weave in and out of history, connecting seemingly disparate people and events. It’s like when an infamous recurring character’s name pops up in the credits of a television show: You just know things are about to get messy.  

James Wilkinson was one such person. Throughout his lifetime he had been called a conspirator, drunkard, slanderer, traitor, insurgent, perjurer—and the Louisiana Territory’s first governor. Read more »

26, July 2016

Library Preservation Meets Fate

This is a library-preservation story. Really, it is. I promise. It’s also the chance to show off a really cool cover of an issue of Fate Magazine: True Stories of the Strange and the Unknown, a magazine first published in Evanston, Illinois, in 1948. Read more »

1, July 2013

Research Uncovers a Personal Connection

On January 7, 2013, I began my internship at the Missouri History Museum Library and Research Center. My responsibilities included helping librarian Emily Jaycox with her research projects. Her current project revolved around the Work Projects Administration (WPA) in St. Louis. She had a list of people who worked for the project in the 1930s and wanted to find out more about who some of these people were and what they had contributed to the WPA. Emily showed me how to research in the city directories. Listed along with names were job titles and addresses. Read more »