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24, July 2017

Ain’t No Party Like a Henry Shaw Party

There ain’t no party like a Henry Shaw party ’cause a Henry Shaw party . . . didn’t have an official start time. Friends just showed up at his door. Read more »

30, March 2017

A Fate of Flames

St. Louis was once home to one of the largest hotels in all the world—until the unthinkable happened. Read more »

13, June 2012

Food Trucks, Old School

My husband's passion for the local food trucks that show up weekly at his place of work and on the second Friday of each summer month in Tower Grove Park made me wonder how long St. Louisans have been buying food out of the back or side of a vehicle. Through a quick search of our digitized photograph collection, it turns out the ritual has been going on for more than 100 years. Back in 1904 the Third Street Market consisted of a manic assortment of horse-drawn wagons and carts, all selling food. Read more »