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29, August 2017

A Panoramic Preview

Over the past several years, the Missouri History Museum has helped people experience different aspects of St. Louis history like never before. A Walk in 1875 St. Louis explored one amazing year in our city’s past, Route 66 revealed local history through a road that connected our region to the nation, and #1 in Civil Rights brought to light our city’s incredible contributions to the continued struggle for equality. Our newest exhibit, Panoramas of the City, continues this tradition. Read more »

19, April 2017

Curator Faves: Clothing Edition

The Missouri History Museum has a wonderful clothing and textile collection, and I've had the honor of being responsible for it for almost 17 years. Because the collection is made of up more than 18,000 pieces, it’s hard to know every single thing within it, but by working on exhibits, writing articles, giving tours, and meeting with researchers, I learn more every day. To me the collection is like a treasure trove of two of my favorite things: history and fashion. I find something I’ve never seen before almost every time I go into storage, which keeps my job interesting. Read more »

22, September 2014

The Storytelling Animal and the Role of the Museum

There is a lot of diversity within humanity, and how could there not be? We grow up in different areas and live within a wide range of lifestyles. We are immersed in cultures and subcultures that help to define us. Yet, even with our differences, we are human, and we are much the same. We try to live our lives to the best of our abilities and work toward a better future for ourselves and our loved ones. We grow old, and we hope that our lives, our story, had meaning. In this we are human, one and all, unchanged. Read more »