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21, March 2017

Mighty Military Women

Women have participated in nearly every major war in this country starting as far back as the Civil War, when hundreds of women disguised themselves as men to serve as secret soldiers, and others nursed the wounded. Read more »

25, August 2016

What We Wore on the Mother Road

Although Route 66—the historic highway that connected Los Angeles to Chicago—was officially decommissioned in 1985, it’s very much alive in the hearts of motorcyclists to this day. It’s now common to see jeans, T-shirts, leather vests, and jackets whizzing by on the old 2,400-mile-long road as travelers check off the ultimate box on their bucket lists. But what did past generations sport on the Mother Road? Read more »

7, July 2016

Coco Chanel and the Nazis

From fashionistas to those who commit fashion faux pas, nearly everyone who has donned a little black dress owes homage to Coco Chanel. Her ingenuity graced the fashion world with taste, ease, and utter chicness as she revolutionized the way women wore black. Although she’s remembered and admired as a heroic icon in 20th century fashion history, Chanel may in fact have a scandalous past as dark as her beloved little black dresses. Read more »

6, June 2016

Go South to Sunny Germany

The collection of the Soldiers Memorial Military Museum is as vast as it is interesting, encompassing the breadth of U.S. military history from the War of 1812 to the current armed forces. Part of my role as military and arms curator, is to identify interesting stories and artifacts from the collection for the new exhibits being created as part of the Museum’s revitalization. This process has led to many great discoveries. Read more »

13, December 2014

WWI Artifacts and Memories: Forty and Eight

At the end of World War I in November 1918, U.S. military men and women began their return home. The shared experiences and bonds formed in military service gave rise to veterans’ organizations on a local and national scale. The American Legion and the World War Veterans were both founded in 1919. In 1921 the Disabled American Veterans of the World War was formed to provide care for the more than 200,000 injured Americans returning from war, in addition to job-finding services and vocational training. Read more »