250 in 250: Miles Davis in American Culture

19, June 2014
Exhibit panel featuring Miles DavisPortion of the Miles Davis panel in the 250 in 250 exhibit at the Missouri History Museum.

If you've been to the Missouri History Museum's 250 in 250 exhibit, you've seen the section on 50 people with a St. Louis connection. Within that section is a panel for a 51st person significant in St. Louis (and often beyond). The 51st person is voted on by the public and changes each month. In June, we are focusing the spotlight on legendary jazz musician Miles Davis.

Miles Davis was a natural talent on the trumpet when he picked one up and started playing as a young teen. And after honing his skills in the clubs of East St. Louis, Davis set off for New York and the big stage at the tender age of 18. By the time he died in 1991, he was considered a pioneer worldwide in jazz fusion.

Throughout June, you can read more about Davis on his panel at the exhibit. And if that whets your appetite to learn more, pick up a copy of the MHM Press book, Miles Davis and American Culture, which is available online and at our Museum shop.

—Keri McBride, Editor