Five Months, Hundreds of Dresses

1, September 2016

Our Little Black Dress: From Mourning to Night exhibit is all about how many different meanings a seemingly simple garment can have—and how meaningful the LBD has been to women throughout history. Whether it's for stylish nights out or business meetings, a funeral or even a wedding, nearly every woman has a little black dress in her closet.

When our Little Black Dress exhibit opened back in April of this year, we asked something simple of our visitors: Share your little black dressWe launched #LBDProject as a way for visitors to share their favorite LBD images via social media and email . . . and boy, did you respond! Over the past five months we've received hundreds of submissions of women in their LBDs, from years past to the present day. Click through the gallery below to see a selection of these fabulous images (submit your own if you haven't already!), then come see all of them in person in the exhibit before Little Black Dress saunters off the runway on Monday, September 5.

#LBDProject: Five Months, Hundreds of Dresses

 —Sam Moore, Online Communications Coordinator

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